selection of fit persons for higher positions
Customer Center
personnel process selection of fit persons for higher positions personnel process
personnel/fringe benefit
a salary[wage] structure
an annual salary = a monthly salary +variety allowances +a bonus[500%]+a special bonus)
a special bonus is available according to management performance
promotion system
the class of
an employee a section chief an assistance
a section chief a vice chief f a department
the year required 2 years 3 years 3 years 5 years 5 years  
* criteria of a university graduate and military service status
fringe benefit
4 insurances, available to multiplex houses, expenses and vacations for congratulations and condolences, lunchroom,
a variety of prize system, medical inspection, support to an association, accident insurance, awarding a prize for
an excellent employee
education system
education of as incoming employee
education system of systematically promoting company culture, job specification, technical attainments and persons who are equipped with expertise and morality in order to be a member of TPC
education of job specifications
education of reinforcing individual performances as well as improvements of productivuty and qualtity by training job descriptions in order to maximize the successful performance and job specifications within an organization