selection of fit persons for higher positions
Customer Center
a notification of employment selection of fit persons for higher positions a notification of employment
a notification of employment
the employment season
a regular employment : the second half of every year
an nonscheduled employment : if needed, other than a regular employment
* an nonscheduled employment for a site employee
an employment procedure
① receipt of an application
② selection of candidates by examining their career papers
③ 1st interview : an ability interview[only a successful candidate in selection of candidates by examining their career
④ 2nd interview: an interview by a board member [only a successful candidate in 1st interview
⑤ final success in interviews
① graduates[graduates to-be-] of a four-year a university or more
② fulfilled Military Service Status or Exempted
③ persons who have no problem for qualification in oversea's official trip
④ not delinquent borrower
an item for preferential treatment
a bilinguist or preference to persons who have certificates in relation to languages
submission of related papers
an application, a letter of self-introduction, certification of graduation, a copy of the resident registration, a copy of
a certificate of qualification[only a possessor]
other items
the received documents are not returned and the successful employment can be canceled in case that there are different
things between the documents which you sent to us firstly and actual documents